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My Story

I’m Rebecca and this is my story and what has become aesthetically different.

I’ve always been interested in aesthetics and a bit intrigued by needles. This wasn’t always the case when as a young girl aged just 12 I woke up being told I’d been in a diabetic coma!

It was hard to adjust, but I had all that mattered by my side. I believe this started my interest in injectables. My brother was diabetic type 1 same as me leading to him sadly passing away.

This loss pushes me to strive forward and this is in his memory.

Simon would be honoured for your visit and personal support, and that means a lot to me!

Your visit to my clinic will ensure you will get the best treatment and I specialise in nervous clients your in safe hands!

"A brother is there to help us be confident when timid, to be strong when weak and to be fearless when scared. He is an inspiration and his memory will be in our thoughts forever"

14.05.73 died 09.05.21
In memory of Simon. Much Loved!

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