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Hello, I'm Becki

I'm Becki! I love hair even more so hair extensions and from a young age, I’ve had clip-in, tapes, micro, and fusion and as they have moved forward into more techniques I’ve followed.

This is my passion sadly my brother died in February 2021.

This is in his memory he knew I wanted to do it and helped me before finally passing away.

I said I’ll turn it all into a positive and give people the passion I have deep inside to stand shine and do what makes them happy your time and the fact you have chosen to view my website would make me and Simon shine x


My Story

Hi, my name is Becki and I am the owner of Aesthetically Different. My story starts way back when I saw the struggle of my bro being diabetic and having to inject then as I grew it happened to me that I was petrified but soon I embraced and became fascinated by needles 💉.

I’ve always had treatments myself but I looked in awe thinking 🤔 I’d loved to do this helping people feel beautiful but do it in a more unique and different way.

I like quirky different fun 🤩 and the extra time to talk and understand the client's needs and what their expectations are.

My qualifications combined are:

-Advanced dermal filler
-Level 4 microblading
-Hyaluronidase injection correction course
-Administering b12 vitamin injections
-Tape hair extensions, Nano-bead & micro-bead

-Basic and advanced dermal filler
-Skin booster injections

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